Our specialties

Event Design

Throw your best shindig with Glitter + Rye. Whether it’s a wedding celebration as lovely as your relationship or your business’s fall launch, Glitter + Rye thrills in designing indie events with handmade elements that your guests will love. Artful parties are at the heart of our endeavors here at Glitter + Rye.

Prop Styling

Whether it’s an editorial photoshoot or a small film set, prop styling polishes your marketing strategy for today’s stylish shopper. Glitter + Rye specializes in vintage props and repurposed pieces to give your final product a unique, lived-in and honest feel.

Interior Re-Design

Ever look around your home and think “I’m stuck!”? Let us help un-stick you with some fresh ideas, a couple of well-sourced pieces, and a little rearranging. We can assist you with anything from paint colors to a full re-design. On top of that, we keep it fun and un-stuffy so you learn to love where you live.

Visual Merchandising

Whether you’re a startup business looking to design your new store from the bottom up, or if your business needs a branding and store re-vamp, Glitter + Rye can work with you to make sure your efforts reflect in your store and styling to get you a better influx of customers.