Visual Merchandising

not your grandma’s window displays 

If you want to be the flashy fish in the sea of brick-and-mortar shops, well, you’ve got do more than just sparkle.

Visual merchandising is a key component to drawing the right clientele to your business and increasing traffic to your space. We do everything from creative window designs to an overhaul of your shop to best highlight and showcase your goods. We repurpose the awesome pieces we find scouring flea markets and design stores to fit your space and your style perfectly. You offer unique services and goods, so make sure that the display you put them in matches the quality of your offerings.

We thrive on creative installations- designing and constructing eye-catching displays. And when you’re looking to bring people into your shop, eye-catching translates to better business with the creative clientele you seek.

You can see some examples of recent styling work in our Portfolio.

For pricing inquiries, please check out our Contact page to reach out with questions and inquiries.



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